Biovault supplies services and human tissue and cells to NHS hospitals

Biovault is fully licensed by the HTA to import, export, distribute, procure, process and store human tissue and cells for clinical application. It is the only private tissue bank to work in partnership with the NHS providing human tissue and cells for transplantation.


Peripheral blood and bone marrow stem cells

Biovault is the JACIE accredited tissue bank for the NHS South-West Peninsula Transplantation Service for peripheral blood and bone marrow stem cells. This service is unique and Biovault is the only private bank in Europe to be JACIE accredited. To read more about this service and how it works click here.


Cord stem cells

Derriford Hospital’s maternity unit and Biovault work in partnership to offer expectant parents the opportunity to store their baby’s cord stem cells at the time of birth a unique partnership that was launched in 2014. Midwives at Derriford are trained to collect the cord blood stem cells as part of the service. Find out more about Biovault’s partnership with Derriford Hospital’s Maternity Unit for cord stem cell services here.


Bone products

As a tissue bank Biovault supplies NHS hospitals in England and Wales with cartilage and bone products that it imports from the US on behalf of its Orthopaedic Surgical partners Int2Med.

Int2Med has developed key brands in cartilage regeneration, bio absorbable fixation, foot surgery, deformity correction as well as soft tissue reconstruction services that have saved trusts significant costs.


Biovault Family

At Biovault Family, we have released more umbilical cord blood samples for transplant than any other UK private cord blood and tissue banks. We are also the most highly accredited, with JACIE accreditation – Europe’s highest standard for tissue banks working with peripheral blood and bone marrow stem cells.

Our experience, detailed scientific know-how and financial guarantees make us a trusted brand for both expected parents and the NHS.

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